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About Audio Video Unlimited

Pioneers in Consumer Electronics Since 1981

A Remarkable Odyssey

Embark with us on a nostalgic journey to 1981, where in a modest apartment’s second bedroom, the seeds of Audio Video Unlimited were sown. Our illustrious founder, fueled by an unyielding passion for technology and entertainment, began with the simple act of renting video cassettes. It wasn’t long before this humble venture blossomed into a thriving 5-store audio/video chain that became a cornerstone of the Greater Vancouver electronics marketplace.

Embracing Expansion with Purpose

As the new millennium approached, Audio Video Unlimited recognized the necessity for evolution and adaptation. In 2001, the company underwent a paradigm shift, launching an ambitious affiliation program. This initiative, an ingenious amalgam of purchasing alliances and marketing synergy, resonated deeply with retailers across Canada. They flocked to join our ever-expanding network. By 2008, our constellation had grown to an impressive 120 stores stretching across Canada from coast to coast to coast, becoming a harmonious blend of innovation, expertise, and market presence.

The Nexus of Innovation: Our Headquarters

Situated along the vibrant artery of Coquitlam – the Lougheed Highway – you will find the heart of Audio Video Unlimited. Our headquarters is not merely an office; it is a convergence point for creativity and innovation. Our showroom, a modern-day Aladdin’s cave, is replete with a diverse assortment of HiFi Audio, Home Theatre, and Smart Home Automation products.

Within these walls, an expert ensemble of marketing strategists, purchasing specialists, administrative aficionados, and management professionals work in unison. Their collective acumen and dedication remain the driving force behind the stellar service we provide to our partner stores, spanning the breath-taking expanse of Canada.

Binding a Nation through Technology

At Audio Video Unlimited, we understand that technology is an integral thread in the fabric of our lives. Our mission transcends mere retail; it is about forging connections, crafting experiences, and elevating lifestyles through the impeccable fusion of audio and video. As guardians of entertainment and technology, we are honored to be a part of the Canadian narrative, bridging regions with our service, from coast to majestic coast.

Welcome to Audio Video Unlimited, where the past and future coalesce to define the epitome of audio-visual excellence.

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